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Hello EveryOne To L2-Dety Multiskill

Super Event!!

Make streaming on all weekend and you WIN 2 vote + 5 Event Reward for Each Hour!!! All players who make streaming will win! PM on discord With Character Name + Link Twitch !

L2-Dety is a Custom FARM Server

Platform: High Five ( Part 2.6 )

Chronicle: The Chaotic Throne

...::::::::::: SERVER INTRO :::::::::::...

L2-Dety it's the most beautiful farm + multiskill server.

Why Farm? Because you must farm for your items. And farm it is long. In this server items are much. You can have it all. This takes much days, weeks, months.

Why Multiskill? Because in this case, you know what do each skills you learn. Also we have custom skills added.

Why L2-Dety Server? Because here you will find 0 corruption. Admin have friends, because he is human too. But in game, he no have friends. Need items? farm like others. If you ask for items as friend of admin, you can be punished. How? With 1-5 hours jail.